Apologetics Conference

Lakes Free Apologetics Conference

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“I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist”

Friday, Feb. 25: 6:30-9:15pm (Doors open at 6:00pm)
Saturday, Feb. 26: 8:00am-12:00pm (Doors open at 7:30am)
Sunday, Feb. 27: 9:00 & 10:40am

Guest Speakers: Dr. Frank Turek, Charlie Campbell, Dr. David Clark

Cost: $25 Adults/$15 Students
Livestream option available


Meet the Speakers

Dr. Frank Turek
Dr. Frank Turek

Dr. Frank Turek is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author or coauthor of four books: Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to make their Case; I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist; Correct, Not Politically Correct; and Legislating Morality. As the President of CrossExamined.org, Frank presents powerful and entertaining evidence for Christianity at churches, high schools and at secular college campuses that often begin hostile to his message. He has also debated several prominent atheists including Christopher Hitchens and David Silverman, president of American Atheists.

Charlie Campbell
Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell is an ordained pastor (with Calvary Chapel), author, and founder of the ABR Apologetics Ministry (AlwaysBeReady.com). Since founding ABR in 2005, he has spoken at hundreds of churches on a wide variety of topics related to the defense of the Christian faith. Prior to ABR, Charlie was an instructor at Calvary Chapel Bible College (Murrieta, CA) and the Director of The School of Ministry at Calvary Vista, his home church—where he taught courses on apologetics, world religions and cults, systematic theology, eschatology, church history, hermeneutics, and evangelism (1997–2005). His books have been endorsed by Norman Geisler, Charles Colson, Chuck Smith, Ed Hindson, Nancy DeMoss, and others. He resides in sunny San Diego, California, where he grew up, with his wife Anastasia and their five kids.

Dr. David Clark
Dr. David Clark

David Clark and his family moved to Minnesota in 1988 to teach at Bethel Seminary. During his faculty years, he published eight books and dozens of articles. In addition to teaching, David has served in leadership roles as Lead Pastor in a church and as University Provost and VP/Dean of the Seminary at Bethel. He has also contributed as a member of several boards, including the national board of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He now serves the wider church through consulting and public speaking. Dr. Clark’s academic discipline is philosophy of religion. In addition to philosophy of religion, he teaches theology, ethics, and apologetics. He has special interests in epistemology, the problem of evil, and the relation of theology to science.

Conference Schedule

Friday, Feb. 25

6:40-7:25pm:   Does Truth Exist? (Dr. Frank Turek)

7:30- 8:15pm:   Does God Exist? (Dr. Frank Turek)

8:15-8:30pm:   Break

8:30-9:15pm:   Archaeological Evidence for the Bible (Charlie Campbell)


Saturday, Feb. 26

8:00-8:50am:   Do All Roads Lead to God? Christianity’s Unique View of Salvation (Dr. David Clark)

9:00-9:50am:   Answering Islam (Charlie Campbell)

9:50-10:10am:   Break

10:10-11:00am:   Are Miracles Possible? (Dr. Frank Turek)

11:15am- 12:00pm:   Elective Options

  • Worship Center: The Bible’s Amazing Scientific Accuracy & Foresight (Charlie Campbell)
  • Youth Center: Does Race Affect Apologetics? (Dr. David Clark)


Sunday, Feb. 27

9:00 & 10:40am Worship Services:  Is the New Testament True? (Dr. Frank Turek)

9:00 & 10:40am:  All-Church Electives

  • Youth Center: Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy (Charlie Campbell)
  • Fellowship Hall: Apologetics at 35,000 Feet: Defending Your Faith in Real Life (Dr. David Clark)