Family Conference

Family Conference: Gospel-Shaped Home

November 2
Tickets: $15 indiv./$25 with spouse
Speaker: Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation, which helps people learn to apply the gospel to family relationships (including marriage, parenting, and grandparenting) and coaches church leaders to help them design Bible-based, Christ-centered family ministries. Josh has served as a pastor for nearly 20 years, is a founding member of the Legacy Coalition, and has a PhD from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Biblical Grandparenting, Preparing Children for Marriage, and Rooted Kids Curriculum and Worship. Josh and his wife Jen live in Victoria, MN and are blessed with five children.

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FOR: Anyone who wants to help shape the next generation with the gospel.


Is it today's culture, media, or peers who are contributing to doubt, confusion, or disbelief in our children and grandchildren? This conference will equip you to be a primary influencer in practical ways to help your family and those children in your sphere of influence to mature in Christ.

JOIN US TO: Clarify the Biblical purpose of the home and family roles Learn everyday ways to replace culture's influence with Biblical truth Learn to apply the gospel to marriage, parenting, grandparenting, and discipleship of children Build confidence to have key conversations about current critical topics from Biblical perspectives 

Conference Schedule:
9:00-9:15       Welcome
9:15-10:00     Session 1: The Biblical Purpose of Parenting and Grandparenting
10:00-10:10   Break
10:10-11:00   Session 2: How to Help a Child Develop a Biblical Worldview
11:00-11:10   Break
11:10-12:00   Session 3: Five Characteristics of Biblical Discipline
12:00-12:45   On site complimentary box lunch
12:45-1:35     Session 4: Talking With Your Child About Marriage and Sex: 5 Conversations Every Parent Must Have
1:35-1:45       Break
1:45-3:00       Session 5: Discipling Children: 8 Biblical Methods Every Family Can Do