Small Groups

What is a Small Group?

Small groups (3-15 people) are a key component of our Discipleship goals here at Lakes Free.  Small groups are elective opportunities where you can explore issues relevant to your life, dive deeper into the truths of God’s word, or simply challenge yourself in your own personal spiritual growth.  Small groups are also an excellent place to build relationships and get to know people who you may not regularly connect with on Sunday mornings.   

We offer small groups that are geared towards a variety of people:  those seeking answers, new followers of Christ, mature believers, and for those in leadership roles within the church.  Some small groups are for men, some for women, some for couples, but many are open to anyone interested. 

Small groups will often have a limit on the number of  participants they can accommodate.  Look at the offerings within this brochure, find a group that interests you, and if necessary contact the church office to secure your spot.

If you have questions about whether or not a particular group is right for you, please contact Pastor Jason Carlson.

What is a Discipleship Training Opportunity (DTO’s)?

Discipleship Training Opportunities are elective seminars, usually lecture based, where people from within our church and the wider community can receive a high level of instruction on various issues related to Christian discipleship (following Jesus). 

DTO’s are typically shorter in nature (3-6 weeks) and are open to a larger group of participants.  Securing a spot is not necessary.  Most DTO’s do not require consistent attendance, but this is strongly encouraged in order to get the most out of these offerings. 

If you have questions about a DTO offering or have ideas for future offerings, please contact Pastor Jason Carlson.

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