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Important Notice

Dear Stepping Stones Christian Preschool Families,

It is with heavy hearts and a tremendous amount of praying and soul searching that we are writing to you all to inform you that we will not be accepting preschool registration for the upcoming 2019-2020 preschool year.  Stepping Stones Christian Preschool will be closing their doors at Lakes Free Church at the end of the 2018-2019 preschool year, May 23rd, the last day of preschool.

We have all been so Blessed by the 21 years of teaching in the Chisago Lakes Community.  We have welcomed a tremendous amount of families over those years who have continually supported our teachers and preschool program.  We thank you for that support.  We have seen the growth in our students over the years and have been privileged to be a part of so many students learning journeys. We have been excited to share in so many special events over the years that have put smiles on our students faces.  Your children have been our focus and they will always have a special place in our hearts.  Over twenty-one years ago, Mrs. Cheri Anderson, Mrs. Esther Haselius, and Mrs. Sharon Peterson had a vision.  A vision to create a Christian preschool in the Chisago Lakes Community because they saw a need for preschool and need to share the Love of Christ.  Lakes Free Church was gracious in letting these teachers bring their vision to light.  Lakes Free has been so supportive over these years and has given the preschool the teaching space, storage, and freedom to create a wonderful learning environment that lasted almost 21 years.  That’s an awesome ride and we have been so Blessed by that generosity.

But now, the reality of our ages, health concerns of staff and husbands, funding payroll, the direction the State of Minnesota is heading in funding everyday 4K, and the laws, rules, and guidelines that the Department of Human Services regulates to keep centers like us in compliance has become overwhelming.  Our society has changed tremendously over these last 21 years and so has Education. We know many of you are probably wondering what’s next for your children and families.   We wanted to get this letter out to you now, so you can start looking into other options for next fall.

The Chisago Lakes School District has preschool.  They have been working hard at changing their preschool program, as well, with the changes they see happening in the State of Minnesota in Education and the 4K program.  The State of Minnesota is working hard at trying to reach every child and help prepare them for their schooling.  This next school year, the Chisago Lakes School District will be offering 3 different options for preschool.   Please read over the informational sheet and please try to go to one of these meetings to learn how preschool is changing and your options for next fall.  The school district will be adding everyday preschool as a third option for older students. We know Registration does not start until March 1st within the School District.

Thank you once again for these amazing years of spending our mornings with your children.  They have been our life and focus and we have always been privileged to teach them and help make their preschool experience the best we could and we will continue that focus through the end of this year.  They have brought Sunshine to our Hearts and your families have been a wonderful support to our preschool program.  We have been amazed at how you have supported your children and helped them in their learning.  We wish all of your children and families a bright future in their education journeys.  We trust that God has a plan for us all.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  Thank you again, for choosing Stepping Stones Christian Preschool over the years.  We are truly Blessed!

Mrs. Cheri Anderson, Mrs. Esther Haselius, Mrs. Angie Nelson, Mrs. Sharon Peterson, and Mrs. Jackie Wojtowicz

Psalm32:8 I will guide you a long the best pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you.

(651) 257-3553