Find Peace With God


Would you like to have peace with God? Would you like a personal relationship with God and have assurance of your eternal standing with Him? Would you like to know God as your Father and Friend? Living in a vital relationship with God is the very source of hope and peace. You can have that vital, personal relationship with God by coming to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to make peace with you and has provided the way for forgiveness and acceptance.

If you desire to experience the peace with God that He has offered to us uniquely through Jesus Christ, you can take the following steps:

  1. The first step is to simply understand that God loves you and wants you to live in peace with Him.
  2. The next step is to realize that any lack of peace and fulfillment in our lives is caused by a basic problem which is common to all of us - that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Sin has fractured our relationship with God and affects all of our other interpersonal relationships.
  3. The third important step is to realize that God loves you and offers you his grace and forgiveness through his Son. He has sent Jesus Christ to restore our broken relationship with Him and others. The Bible says, "God is on one side and we are on the other side. Christ Jesus is between us to bring us together." (1 Timothy 2:5) Christ has come to save us from our sin and to fill our lives with His inexpressible joy.


Simply share the following prayer with God in your own words.

  1. Lord, I admit I need you. - I have sinned
  2. I want to be forgiven and to live in a loving relationship with you. - I repent
  3. Jesus, I believe that you died to forgive my sins, to restore my relationship with you and to fill me with your Joy. - I trust in Jesus
  4. By faith, I invite you, Jesus Christ, to come into my life. From this time on, I want to live in a loving relationship with you. - I receive Christ as my Savior and Lord

If you are making this life-changing decision, or if you want help to understand how to experience peace with God through Jesus Christ, please contact one of the Pastors at: 651-257-2677.