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Drive-Thru Trunk or Treat
Sat, Oct. 31, 5:00-6:30pm
We are so excited to provide this fun, safe environment for families to drive-thru our Trunk or Treat at Lakes Free.

WE NEED TRUNKS!: If you’d like to decorate your trunk and hand out candy, please sign up here.

Annual Congregational Meeting
Sun, Oct. 25, 6:30pm
Worship Center

New Wednesday Night Class
A Letter to Titus: Foundations
Led by Pastor Stephen
Begins Nov. 4, 6:30-7:15pm
Join us for this 6-week class as we explore the biblical book of Titus to see God’s calling for our modern-day church. Register here.

T-Shirts Needed
Student Ministries needs t-shirts for our annual Operation Christmas Child jump rope making project. If you have any old t-shirts, please drop them off in the youth center gym by Sunday Oct. 25. Clean out those closets and bring us what you don’t wear.

Operation Christmas Child
We will be collecting filled shoeboxes again this year for Operation Christmas Child. Brochures with guidelines & labels are available at the Next Steps desk. Filled shoeboxes need to be returned by Nov. 22. A generous donor has provided special shoeboxes for those who wish to participate (available near the Next Steps desk).

Support World Missions
Sunday mornings
Purchase a cup of coffee at Lakes Cafe for $2 and help support Lakes Free Missionaries. Each month will feature a current Lakes Free Mission partner, with 100% of proceeds donated to their support fund. Current Mission Partner info can be found at the Cafe counter. Cash only.

The Good News

John 3:16-21


John 3:16-21


John highlights 3 amazing aspects of the good news…


  1. God’s love for the lost (v. 16)


“so” = houtos

– To emphasize degree or intensity (ex. For God so loved the world)

– To provide analysis of what came before (ex. For in this way God loved the world, v. 14-15)


“world” = kosmos (the created world, the people of the world, a systemic opposition to God)

“only” = monogenes (only, unique, without equal)


“God (the greatest Lover) so loved (the greatest degree) the world (the greatest company) that he gave (the greatest act) his only Son (the greatest gift) that whoever (the greatest opportunity) believes (the greatest simplicity) in him (the greatest attraction) should not perish (the greatest promise) but (the greatest difference) have (the greatest certainty) eternal life (the greatest possession).” – Kent Hughes, Preaching the Word: John, pg. 90


  1. God’s Son for our salvation (v. 17-18)


Isaiah 64:6-7


  1. God’s brilliance for our blindness (v. 19-21)


2 Corinthians 4:4


“Because of the sinfulness of our hearts, we tend to run from God rather than to Him.  We cannot produce works of righteousness apart from His Spirit, for we act in accordance with our own desires, and our desires are evil.” – Robert Pyne, Humanity & Sin

Questions for Reflection:
1. The word “Gospel” means “Good News”. Why is the Gospel good news?
2. Why is it important to understand John 3:16 in light of John 3:17-18?

Questions for Discussion:
1. How does reading John 3:16-21 as a commentary by John on verses 1-15 help us better understand Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus?
2. How could you use the message of John 3:16-21 to share the good news about Jesus with a non-Christian? What are some key ideas you would highlight?
3. Read vs. 19-21. Who is the light? Why does the world hate the light? How do we see this hatred displayed in our world today? What are the marks of a person who is living in the light?

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