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Friends by the Fire
Women’s Event
Friday, Sept. 24 | 6:30pm | Youth Center Backyard
Connect with women of all ages from Lakes Free. New friends welcome! S’mores provided. Please bring a snack to share and your own lawn chair.

Men’s Advance
Oct. 1-3
Lake Beauty Bible Camp
Speaker: Tiger McLuen
Cost: $120
Register here

Fall Fling @ Camp Shamineau
Cost: $115 + 2 meals
HS: Oct. 29-31 | Register here

Worldview You!
Sept. 27 | 6:30pm
Worship Center
Our world needs confident ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Are you prepared? Are you ready with an answer? Join Pastor Jason as he equips us to respond to some of today’s most pressing issues and questions. This will be a monthly event with each session covering a different topic.
This month’s topic: The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a World of Religions
Open to all. Young people especially encouraged to attend!

Small Groups/Classes/Support Groups
Pick up a brochure at Next Steps or click here for a list of Adult Groups/Classes being offered this fall.

Pizza with the Pastors
Sunday, Sept. 26 | 11:50am
Are you new to Lakes Free? Interested in learning more about the church and how to connect? Join us for lunch and welcome reception after church. Meet the staff and find out more about our ministries.
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Tour of Greece Info Meeting
Sunday, Sept. 26 | 5:00pm
Join us for a some tasty Greek treats and discussion as we learn more about our upcoming Lakes Free Greece trip in June 2022. This will be a key time to answer questions and cast some vision for this amazing trip.
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Nursery & Preschool Volunteers Needed
We are in need of more volunteers to help in our nursery on Sunday mornings. We also need 1/2 time teacher for 3’s class at 10:40am. Please contact Lisa Lizotte asap if you’re willing to help!

Blood Drive at Lakes Free
Monday, Oct. 11 | 1:00-5:30pm
There is critical need for blood donations!
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Joy in Trials

1 Peter 1:6-9


1 Peter 1:6-9


Peter reveals:


  1. The promise in our trials (v. 6)


“trials” = peirasmos (trial, test, tribulation, temptation)

1) The condition of exile (Hebrews 3:7-8)

2) Tribulation on account of God’s word (Matthew 13:20-21)

3) The pain and anguish of physical suffering (Galatians 4:13-14)

4) Temptation and Satanic attacks (Matthew 26:40-41)


“for a little while” = Our trials are temporary in light of God’s eternal promises for us

“if necessary” = God has deemed whatever trials we face as for our ultimate good


Psalm 46:1-3, 10a


  1. The point of our trials (v. 7)


Romans 8:28


  1. The pillars for our trials (v. 6, 8-9)



Sermon Discussion Questions

Questions for reflection:

  1. Is the idea of experiencing joy in the midst of trials realistic or simply “pie in the sky” wishful thinking?
  2. What difference has faith in Jesus made for you through the trials of your life?


Questions for discussion:

  1. It has been said that as Christians, “We can smile as we cry.” How would you explain this in light of today’s passage?
  2. In what ways have the trials in your life matured your faith or helped you grow spiritually?
  3. Peter highlights two pillars we can anchor to in our trials? What are they? And how do they lead to a supernatural joy?


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