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Vacation Bible School: June 12-16. For kids who have completed K-5th grade. Cost: $10. Register or volunteer here.

Mandatory Training for ALL VBS Volunteers: Choose one: June 4, 12:00-12:30, Room 233 OR June 11, 12:00-12:30, Room 233

Ushers Needed: We are currently in need of ushers for our Sunday morning services. Please contact the church office if you’d like to help with this important ministry.

Summer Preschool Teachers & Helpers Needed: Facilitate a video story, coloring sheet, snack and playtime for preschoolers. Sign up for one or more Sundays – Sign up sheet is on the 4’s/5’s classroom door. Contact Lisa Lizotte with questions.

All Church Summer ABF Series: “I Am a Christian”
Begins Sunday, June 4 | 9:00am only | Fellowship Hall
When people understand their Christian identity and purpose, everything changes for them. Life begins to make sense. Their purpose becomes clear. Their mission through their local church is confirmed. This eight week series will help us grasp who we are in Christ and what our participation means to the local church.

Coming Judgment
Jude 5-10
Pastor Stephen Moore

Jude 5-10

  1. Certainty of Judgment


  1. Caution of False Teachers


Sermon Discussion Questions

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What kind of false teachings are prevalent in our culture that seek to undermine our faith?
  2. Why might those false teachings be tempting for you?

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What is Jude concerned about for his Christian audience?
  2. How should Jude’s audience fight the temptation to follow these false teachers?

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